Wednesday, May 14, 2008

LIFE, Money, And all the 'Great' things the come with it.

A lot of things have happened since I last blogged I wont even try to tell about them all. where should I start...I guess Disney World would be good. Here is the deal, my roommate's brother works for Disney so he can bring people to the parks with him for free. So my roommate, her best friend, my sister, and I all went to Disney for five days. It was lots of fun! on the way home is when life was not so great... When we stopped for dinner my sister left her check card at the restaurant but we did not find it missing till many many hours later when we stopped for gas in another state... So I told her we could use my card but she would have to give me the money back once we got home cause I didn't have it. she says OK. Later that night it is my turn to drive and not even 5 minuet after I pass in to Tenn. and I'm still looking for the posted speed... I see a cop parked in the median all his lights off waiting... I had just said to roommate best friend the I don't know what the speed is in this state so i don't want to hit Cruise control till I know. All through Alabama it had been 65mph. So when I see the cop I slow down thinking, I'm going to go way lower than I think the speed is. He pulls me over. My first time. "you were going 68 in a 55" doesn't ask my why or anything. the only thing he really does is half blind me by shining his flash light in my eyes to ... 'help me' find my wallet the I'm digging through my purse to find. He gives me my first ticket and say I can go when he turns his lights off... I spend the next hour and a half shaking worse the I ever have before. Fast-forward to Tuesday my sister still did not pay me back and I am now $42 in the red and I find out today the I have $118 in over draft fees...

But the way I grew up thing happen like that old saying 'When it rains it pours'. I also got a call from my missions trip office today saying that I need to have $1900 in before Friday at 10am or I can't go or my plain tickets will go from $2400 to $3100... I spent the night with one of my good friends going door to door asking for change. we filled a jar but with it split between the two of us it wont be much. Now is the time for prayer all I can do is pray the God provides a way for me beacuse I know he called me to go no this trip.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Colds, Codes, and Cowardly Lions...

I'm almost better. 3 days in bed, missed 6 classes, 1 missed chapel, and missed 3 days of work: A bad cold: priceless... it sucked! Don't you just love blowing your nose so much it hurts… oh well is on it's way I hope that door hits it on the way out.
I'm teaching myself to play the guitar, I suck right now but it doesn't hurt any more yay callouses. I’ve even been thinking about taking lessons from one of my friends, who is a really good guitarist. What else… Single’s Awareness Day has come and gone… My roommate is taking me to see Celtic Woman! That is pretty much brings you up to date…
Today I got a bit mad at my school for having some gay dress code rules… skirts must be no higher then 4in above the middle of your knee but pants… have to be mid-calf! On me that is at least a foot difference…I had my jeans rolled up to the top of my calf (you couldn’t even see my knees) and I had to roll them down, Which so don’t not look even half as cute as the other way. This brings me to another point about dress code… If I’m out of code just tell me… “Um, Honey you look really cute but (fill in dress code problem)” Just cut the crap! What is the point of telling me I’m cute if you tell me to change? You will still be the bad guy and now I just think are stupid and lame. I’ve been in charge of dress code on some of the girls when I worked at church camp and if they if they were out I flat out told them that they needed to change. Whatever…

So I have this day looming over me... what day is that? You ask... April 5th... 6 days before my 19th birthday… Is my Wing’s Banquet… not so bad… but I went to my prom alone so I want a date this time. My mom is making my Dress just like she made it for my prom. It is going to be so pretty I put up pictures as she makes it . All I need is my date… I’ve got a few guys that I want to go with… I’ve jumped a 30ft cliff in to a dark lake below but when it comes to guys I’m the cowardly lion… I have no clue how I’m gonna ask the guy to come even just as friends… gosh even typing about it makes me feel a bit sick… but I’m thinking about asking tomorrow night at church but I’m not sure… I would love to go with either of the guys I’m thinking of asking but what if they say no… and what if they say yes?!? Heavens I’m such a girl! I’m going to bed now… And I pray my roommate will follow soon so I can turn down the AC and turn off the lights.
Saga 'Lover'

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A New Year and A new Major

I know I'm bad... WAY too long since i last blogged... I could spend time making up reasons why didn't blog... My life really is not that interesting it is simple half the time I just couldn't get around to it the other half ? I just didn't feel like...
Well a few major things have happened in my life since I let you... I hosted my first Christmas party... Christmas ( Got my passport! Now I can go on the missions to Africa that God has called me to this summer!) New years was a flop ( the party that all my friend went to was hosted by my ex and his new Girlfriend... so I I thought I'd rather chew off my arm then go I stayed home)School started back and is now in full swing which brings me to the new Major thing.
As school was drifting to a close for Christmas break God started pointing things out to me from my life... My friends, a school teacher and an education major... my job at the school... my love of children... my patience with children when others would run and hide... I strength in personality that make children just give in and like me... and the he said "so why aren't you an Education major?"... So I'm an Elementary Education major now!
I just died in assassins... not much is going down around here other then that... That is all I got for now.
Saga 'Lover'

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Dead saga 'lover' and the Copper Guitarist

Dead week... Dead week at ORU is so not like dead hour... dead hour is the Hour on Monday that has no classes because on Wednesday and Friday you have Chapel.. dead hour you can just lie around and chill. DEAD WEEK your either Dead or you want to be! Dead week is the week before final exams, it's the week that teachers cram ever last bit of stuff in and they throw in the last test. Jumping in the river that runs through T-town starts to look real good. Yet I have kept my sanity so far... I've been planing things! I'm having bake night at my home on Friday and I'm planing a Christmas party! <3
So I know I haven't bolged in some time so I need to go a bit back to tall this story. About a week and a half ago the car for the car pool to work was broken so we had to walk but it is only like a mile. the only problem was that one of our group had hurt her foot earlier that day so we told her that when she wanted we would carry her. But we found something much better...out side of one of the dorms ,parked at the bike rack was... a Wal-Mart shopping cart (NOTE: WE DID NOT STEAL THE CART) So we put her in the cart and pushed her till we had to cross the street. When we got to the street this lady stopped her car turned on her emergency flasher and got out "It is against the law to take those!" she said We told her we found it and she told us to take it back she gave the hurt girl a ride the rest of the way to work... we waited for her to drive away and then hid the cart behind the sign at the front of the school. Hey we would be late if we went to Wal-Mart and back!
Do you ever think you might be stalking some one against your own will? Like you go places and they're there but you didn't know the would be... I went out to dinner at Zio's with my sister hoping my friend ,Lemon Head, would be working... Well sadly he was not but guess who was sitting 2 tables over ... The Copper Guitarist... he must think I'm stalking him! But I played it cool and let him say some thing to me first. Like i hadn't know he was a few feet away from me for the past 45 minuets?
I must brag for the Copper Guitarist, Last night was 3D , the college age church service I go to, and when they take up offering the worship band plays a song . Well this weeks song was "carol of the bells" and OH MY GOSH!!!!!! it rocked my face right off I swear it! I have no clue how Copper did it on the electric guitar but it was so cool! \m/( rock hand ) the best "carol of the bells" in my life!
I have a 2 page paper due at 12:30 so I must get to work and stop blogging ...
Saga 'Lover'

Monday, November 26, 2007

Camping in the Cold and Killing my WingMates!

I know, I know long time no blog, but do you blog every day I don't thing so! But hey I did go camping and there was no computer so how could I? And I'm blogging now... I know that mom you are the only one who reads this but we shall pretend that it is read by 10s of people every day...
"Camping?" you say. Yes, camping! My Family goes camping for Thanksgiving! Don't get me wrong we have a full thanks giving meal and it is good but we do go camping. My family has been camping for Thanksgiving for half a dozen years and we own a pop-up camper. So we have heat but I like the cold I just snuggle in the thermal sleeping bag and I'm cozy not to say that I would mind having some extra body heat from some extra body... it just has to be the right body... So we camped and I learned how to use a chain saw! I had a week with out Saga! Thank you GOD! We ate Smores, had camp fires, went hiking, it was all good! School is back in swing... I have three weeks left of the first half of my first year in college! AH! I have a HPE test tomorrow that I need to study for so I'll keep this short.
I got back to school last night and I got to bed around 1:20 like do and I sleep for a bit... my roomie is up studying and She turns out the light and gets in to bed at like 3am And I wake up ... "oh no!" waking up at 3 in the morning is BAD!!!! It can only mean a few things and those are not pretty... I think I'm gonna be sick... I drag my self to the bath room, which is like 5ft from my bed and I was right I got sick. It was one of those great sicks where it hurts real bad and you hurt after... that 8:50 was Fun FuN Fun FuN Fun! But I did it I went to all my classes, work, and I turned in my old time card and picked up a new one so pay day Friday but it is only for one week.... The school had a tree lighting thing tonight with cocoa and Christmas songs and lights...trees, you know! I went to that it was fun then I went to one of the other dorms and watched Heroes and hung out with some CoOl cats (Note: they were not real cats that would make my eyes cry, nose run, and head hurt. Cat= NO FUN!) And went back to my dorm for hall meeting...
My wing is getting ready to play assassins! Yay! I will kill! And I won't be killed! Talk about speaking life. Lol In the game you have one person to kill and one person has you, to keep yourself from being killed you must be linked arms with someone of the opposite sex. You can see how this could get fun... wonder who I will have to be linked with to stay alive... you can see my evil grin now! Heh heh heh! I will be enlisting my guy friends for help... where oh where is the Copper Guitarist? I need an escort to my dorm...
World Renowned Assassin, Saga 'Lover'

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hiking with Nice guys and Crampity-aches over Thanksgiving break

Break out a soda and get comfortable this is a long one....The week is over... *LONG Sigh* Friday was a coaster of a day. The start was long and hard and I felt every chink the coaster made to get up the big hill that gives the rest of the ride all the fun speed... now if you are a guy reading this you may just want to sip to the next paragraph... I will be talking about Girly stuff and not the 'oh that boy is so cute' stuff... you have been told now make you choice read on or skip down. All through middle school I never ever had ANY cramps And I was pretty stinking happy about it too! "I never get cramps" I would say... NEVER say NEVER! I have cramps from Hell! That's right the burning lake of fire its self. The pain is right up there with the time right after my knee surgery when my knee was as big as my thigh. I am in fact typing through cramps like I just described, see how I love you! The only thing that ever worked on my cramps was a RX from my doctor... So Friday morning 8:00am * BEEP beep BEEP* ( a noise that must come from the same place as these cramps) before I could open my eyes it hit me, I hit Snooze a few times the pain growing as I slowly came out of my sleep, When I got out of bed at 8:30 I was hurting real bad. I got half way dressed and decided "this is not happening I'm not going" I got back in my PJ's and set the alarm for noon... For as you may know that if you are in a crazy amount of pain lying in bed not moving save to breath then, getting up and walking to the GC and sitting in a Biology when in crazy amount of pain is SO out of the question... the 12:30 class didn't happen either the pain lasted throughout the day but is got a bit better...

If you have skipped the earlier stuff here is where you will start again At 12:20 I got up out of bed, got dressed, and picked up my pay check. I ate at the Deli and then off to my last 2 classes and work. After work I had planned a bake night for a few friends, we had planned to bake sweets for Victory church's Thanksgiving meal on Saturday. I had planned to have the bake night to be at 5:30 but it started around 6pm. We baked a pie and fudge puddles and chocolate and vanilla dipped pretzels. My Chaplin, N, And A teacher from the school where I tutor, Miss S, were the only 2 people to come. Our Trio baked for some time, N had to leave for show case but she would be back, So Miss S and baked till she had to leave. I was just finishing my fudge puddles when N returned we finished her pie (The pie was for the girls on our floor not for Victory) and we each had a small piece each. As N went back to school I packed up my cookies to take to Miss S's home so she could get them to the church in the morning. I hopped into the car got some gas 'cause I was on Empty and Drove to Miss S.
I must take the time to tell you how I know Miss S and her family.I was at College weekend just over a year ago when I met a Boy, Copper Guitarist, who was a Junior here at the time. When I started school In the fall I met the Copper Guitarist again and found I had a class with him once a week. One day I was invited to his house for a night of worship with his band. That was when, and where I met Miss S... I later learn that she was related to him and she lived at his home and when I started at the job I found out she was a teacher there AND I worked with some of her math kids.
Back to Miss S and the Copper Guitarist's home, as I pulled up to the house I saw 5 or 6 cars and wondered what was going on I picked up the cookies and went to the door where Miss S let me in. People who were there slowly came inside from the bonfire and we talked, when The Copper Guitarist had an Idea. He, I, and 3 other girls went off on a hike through the woods on his 2 and a half acres of land that his house rests on. (I was not repeat not wearing the right shoes for a hike. After baking all those hours I didn't want to put on real shoe so the only slip on shoes I had at the house were white slip on strapy wedge sandals. I went any way cause I knew it would be quite fun hiking through the woods.) so we hiked and climbed and had lots of fun we ended the hike with a ride on the great big tire swing in his yard, all 5 of us. we went in side and watch a bit of the movie that the rest of the group had started as we hiked. Yet curfew as looming in the near future and many of us had to leave. I got in side my dorm room only a minuet left till curfew.
I slept late on Saturday, bought some cute shoes (Navy blue heels that buckle around my ankle and have a bow over the toes the navy was trimmed in cream and red... And I got them for only $8.37!), earrings, and chocolate brown leggings. I then rented a movie Big Fish, one of the guys at he party had talked about it and it sounded good, and watched it with my roommate I like it a lot and then I blogged. Time to sleep!
Saga 'Lover'

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Baby Pigs named 'Miss Piggy' and New Shirts

Thursday... Thursday... Thursday... Thursday is the hardest day of the week... But as far as Thursdays go today was pretty good. I got to where my new enVoy Shirt the I got last night (enVoy is a freaking awesome Christ-centered band here in T-Town. Check them out at or I'm Friends with the lead singer and the guitarist) but the down side of wearing it today is that it now smells a bit funky... and the funk is not due to the wearers sweat glands thank you very much! I had a 8:50 Biology lab this morning and if you been through College biology you are now nodding and saying "Oh" And this is where 'Miss Piggy' Comes in to play (ha ha) We had our first Dissection lab ! That is right lab coats, those metal trays with the weird hard stuff in it so you can pin things down, gloves, Formaldehyde(Reason for the shirt funk), And dead things! YAY!!!! The dead thing of choice for this lab? Fetal Pigs! Now there was an odd number of people in my lab class so guess whose hand shot up to have their own Pig? Me, yup... may not have been the best choice but hey can you blame me. My lab teachers first rule was that we must name our baby piggies... odd yes I know but we all did what she said. Mine was named as I said 'Miss Piggy' once I got Piggy out of the bag I found out Piggy was a boy... his mom and dad wanted a girl... poor poor 'Miss Piggy' so for the next 2 and a half hours I cut open my gender-confused Pig And I did a good job too. At the end of class the Teacher had every body look at my pig to point out the things that we needed know for the quiz next lab! I was so proud of 'Miss Piggy'!!! After lab
I had a quick bite to eat Then off to HPE lab, After HPE where I biked 3.5 miles in less then 17 and a half minuets, I was off to my modern humanities class then to work. Work went well the children had a field trip so they didn't have any homework. So My friend E and I had a photo shoot. I love my job! After work I had SAGA! and spent much of the night so far loading photos on my facebook and Myspace and blogging for your enjoyment! I'm being called to come to my wing's Devos by my Chaplin so I guess I should go I mean she does have ice cream sandwiches and all.
Saga 'Lover'